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Turns out the blue moon was just a regular old moon. Such a pity :P

Wriggle Nightbug01/04/18

The blue moon has arrived! PlasmoidThunder has finally released another character!

Because she was unfortunately cut from Hisoutensoku due to time constraints and because RicePigeon won't add the characters people want to his bloody game, I felt it was necessarily to make Wriggle Nightbug in THGR style.

Wriggle can be downloaded from the Characters section.

Dream World05/01/18

First creation of the year, woo!

This stage is from that new Touhou fighting game, Antinomy of Common Flowers, and is Doremy's home turf. Truthfully, I really wanted to use the game's remix of Eternal Spring Dream somewhere in my M.U.G.E.N, so it was rather fortunate that the Dream World stage consists of 2D images rather than 3D models like the rest of the game's stages.

You can enter the Dream World from the Stages section, though keep an eye out for that baku!

Site Updates01/01/18

First and foremost, Happy New Year!

So yeah, the site's moved and it's a whole lot wider now; the two aren't related, but it's what's different. I've basically removed all traces of the original Freewebs code that remained as a result of the (lazy) port I did, which for the most part won't mean a whole lot to anyone, though the result is that the site no longer uses images for the fancy site design and instead rightfully uses a bit of div trickery.

So yeah, that's all there is to it. Let's see what 2018 brings us!

Scarlet Devil Mansion Library07/08/17

Whoa hey, another stage release.

Now, while I'm fully aware that other versions of Voile the library exist (I've been using Night's version for the longest time), I'm not aware of any version that uses the SWR rendition of the stage (it's different from the IaMP version, trust me) while retaining IaMP's pulsating light effects, so here we are. The light effects aren't a 1:1 conversion from IaMP, but the general idea is still there.

Scarlet Devil Mansion Library can be found in the Stages section. Go for those hard reads!

Vortex Infinity Lifebars19/04/17

Remember those Vortex Lifebars? Ptheh, who needs 'em? Vortex Infinity is where it's at!

So yeah, having been decidedly dissatisfied with the original iteration for quite some time now, I recently managed to successfully revamp them after a few failed attempts, complete with smoother shading and even smoother edges thanks to the same trick I used on that edit I made to PabloSSB's The Great Cave Offensive; it's not perfect, mind you, but it's as good as I can get it. Expect a 1.1 version that uses true anti-aliasing sometime in the future.

As with all things miscellaneous, you can find them in the Misc. section.

Sm4sh Lifebars03/02/17

Seems like forever since I last released something, doesn't it? Less than a month in the making, these lifebars are inspired by those featured in Vet's Smash Bros. Ryu Match With HUD video, which in turn mimic the aesthetic of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U's GUI. Although they're only available in 16:9 at the moment, I do plan to release a 4:3 version at some point in the future; don't expect a 1.0/WinMUGEN-compatible version anytime soon though.

You can grab them from the Misc. section by Smashing that download button! I'm sorry.

Site Relocation15/01/17

Hello and welcome to Neocities!

So to explain why I've moved, it just so happens that Webs basically screwed my old website over by automatically "upgrading" to SiteBuilder 3, completely buggering up the layout in the process; to be fair, Webs had been playing up a fair bit prior to this, so I guess it was inevitable. On the plus side, Neocities allows me to create and modify pages using nothing but raw html and css with no pre-built layout, so it's already vastly superior to Webs.

Oh, happy belated new year and all that.

Site Update04/11/16

So you might have noticed that the website looks different, and believe it or not, I've noticed that too.

In all seriousness, I decided to completely redesign my website's appearance so that it no longer resembles the template I chose way back when, and instead base it on what I use in my YouTube videos (which in turn is derived from the design for certain elements of my Vortex Lifebars). I personally think it looks significantly better, and I hope you do as well :)

Pixel Storm15/02/16

An idea I've had in the back of my mind for a good while now that's finally come to fruition. Despite the aesthetics and BGM choice, it's actually not inspired by UNDERTALE at all - in fact, the concept predates my knowledge of UNDERTALE's existence :P

Pixel Storm can be found under the Stages section.

For older news, check out the archives, you sad, sad little individual.