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Yuyutista Updated03/05/22

Turns out it wasn't a trick, wow.

Still not 100% complete, but she's only missing her 2nd Last Word.

Just in case you wanted to know what's changed, you can view the patch notes here.

Vatista Beta Released01/04/22

It's that time of year when I sometimes release something.

Is it a trick? Download the character and find out.

Pixel Storm Strikes Again14/08/21

Gasp! An update that isn't about Flan for once!

Back when I released this stage about 5 years ago, one of the critiques I received was that the background could do with more variance, but I guess at the time I didn't feel it was necessary. Obviously, that's precisely one of the things that's different in this update, but I also figured it was worth increasing the vertical camera bounds as well. Thanks, Demitri!

Pixel Storm, as always, can be found in the Stages section.

Flan Bugfixan12/09/20

The last update introduced a few bugs, primarily with the air throw, so that's those fixed. Additionally, I originally overlooked that Rice has enabled teching of air throws in his latest updates, so that's now a thing too.

The full (albeit brief) patch notes can be found here.

I Have No Characters, and I Must Update Flan30/08/20

It's been a while, but alas, it's another Flan update.

As well as the usual global updates Rice is making to his characters, Flan features a few minor nerfs based on feedback and my own observations (one in particular will also be applied to Remilia), as well as a fix to Royal Flush's proration. Do not dispair, however, as Destroyer Claw saw a slight buff and one of her win poses was tweaked, seeing the return of her otherwise absent ability to split into four.

The full list of changes can be found here, though the win pose alteration isn't mentioned as I didn't deem it significant enough. There, uh, might also be changes from a version I must've forgotten to release, hah...

Explosive Flan Update16/10/19

Explosive as in an explosion effect has been added to Laevatein, not that the update is huge.

The original plan was to stealth update Flan with a fix to her command file, but I got the idea to improve Laevatein visually and thus couldn't really sneak this update out.

Small Update for Little Flan11/10/19

Flan has been updated with very minor bugfix regarding the juggle system. That is all.

Big Update for Little Flan02/09/19

Following the current set of updates RicePigeon has been rolling out for his GR characters, Flan has been updated with these same fixes in addition to some minor visual tweaks and a small handful of balance changes, primarily concerning Comet Bow; with okizeme projectiles in GR now disappearing when the character gets hit, I no longer felt the projectile invulnerability on Comet Bow X was necessary, while the overhead property on Comet Bow Y has been removed to keep it more in line with similar moves, though the startup and recovery have been reduced as a result.

As always, the full list of changes can be found here.

Surprise! Another Flan Update09/07/19

Not actually planned, but since I've received reports that the previous update caused VSelect to crash, I was kinda pushed. The best part is that I fixed it without specifically trying to fix it, yay.

For an incredibly short list of changes, check the ReadMe.


That's right.


Flandre Updated (Again)08/06/19

I suppose the benefit of having an actual character is that updating it frequently makes for a more active news feed.

This time around, there's some nerfs to Comet Bow and Destruction Arrow so they're easier to punish, with a pretty major change to the Y version of Comet Bow that makes it harder to combo out of, though it now does more damage to compensate. There's also some bugfixes, most notably in regards to Starbow Break interacting with Helpers and Super Armour (it works properly now).

For a full list of changes, check the ReadMe.

Flandre Updated17/05/19

Nothing ever goes as smoothly as one might hope, hah.

Flandre's been updated to fix a few issues, primarily in regards to "And Then Will There Be None?"'s finisher version. For a full list of changes, check the ReadMe.

Flandre Scarlet Edit14/05/19

Whoa hey it's been a long time since the last news update.

So yeah, I decided to edit RicePigeon's Flandre because I'm not a huge fan of her moveset, which in turn is derived from Vega and Decapre, who play differently from each other. My goal was to make her feel more original and exciting to play by taking her intended rushdown playstyle and refining it so that her moveset actually meshes properly, all while trying to keep her relatively the same so as to not completely alienate those who are used to her old moveset.

As with my regular character releases, you can find this edit in the Characters section.


Turns out the blue moon was just a regular old moon. Such a pity :P

Wriggle Nightbug01/04/18

The blue moon has arrived! PlasmoidThunder has finally released another character!

Because she was unfortunately cut from Hisoutensoku due to time constraints and because RicePigeon won't add the characters people want to his bloody game, I felt it was necessarily to make Wriggle Nightbug in THGR style.

Wriggle can be downloaded from the Characters section.

Dream World05/01/18

First creation of the year, woo!

This stage is from that new Touhou fighting game, Antinomy of Common Flowers, and is Doremy's home turf. Truthfully, I really wanted to use the game's remix of Eternal Spring Dream somewhere in my M.U.G.E.N, so it was rather fortunate that the Dream World stage consists of 2D images rather than 3D models like the rest of the game's stages.

You can enter the Dream World from the Stages section, though keep an eye out for that baku!

Site Updates01/01/18

First and foremost, Happy New Year!

So yeah, the site's moved and it's a whole lot wider now; the two aren't related, but it's what's different. I've basically removed all traces of the original Freewebs code that remained as a result of the (lazy) port I did, which for the most part won't mean a whole lot to anyone, though the result is that the site no longer uses images for the fancy site design and instead rightfully uses a bit of div trickery.

So yeah, that's all there is to it. Let's see what 2018 brings us!

Scarlet Devil Mansion Library07/08/17

Whoa hey, another stage release.

Now, while I'm fully aware that other versions of Voile the library exist (I've been using Night's version for the longest time), I'm not aware of any version that uses the SWR rendition of the stage (it's different from the IaMP version, trust me) while retaining IaMP's pulsating light effects, so here we are. The light effects aren't a 1:1 conversion from IaMP, but the general idea is still there.

Scarlet Devil Mansion Library can be found in the Stages section. Go for those hard reads!

Vortex Infinity Lifebars19/04/17

Remember those Vortex Lifebars? Ptheh, who needs 'em? Vortex Infinity is where it's at!

So yeah, having been decidedly dissatisfied with the original iteration for quite some time now, I recently managed to successfully revamp them after a few failed attempts, complete with smoother shading and even smoother edges thanks to the same trick I used on that edit I made to PabloSSB's The Great Cave Offensive; it's not perfect, mind you, but it's as good as I can get it. Expect a 1.1 version that uses true anti-aliasing sometime in the future.

As with all things miscellaneous, you can find them in the Misc. section.

For older news, check out the archives, you sad, sad individual.