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Shhhh... This is the archive area for site news that is no longer shown on the front page. You probably came here because you're bored and wanted to see some of the older site news, by accident, or you clicked on a link leading here that you thought would entitle you to free chocolate... Either way, be respectful and keep the noise levels down, and enjoy your stay.

Sm4sh Lifebars03/02/17

Seems like forever since I last released something, doesn't it? Less than a month in the making, these lifebars are inspired by those featured in Vet's Smash Bros. Ryu Match With HUD video, which in turn mimic the aesthetic of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U's GUI. Although they're only available in 16:9 at the moment, I do plan to release a 4:3 version at some point in the future; don't expect a 1.0/WinMUGEN-compatible version anytime soon though.

You can grab them from the Misc. section by Smashing that download button! I'm sorry.

Site Relocation15/01/17

Hello and welcome to Neocities!

So to explain why I've moved, it just so happens that Webs basically screwed my old website over by automatically "upgrading" to SiteBuilder 3, completely buggering up the layout in the process; to be fair, Webs had been playing up a fair bit prior to this, so I guess it was inevitable. On the plus side, Neocities allows me to create and modify pages using nothing but raw html and css with no pre-built layout, so it's already vastly superior to Webs.

Oh, happy belated new year and all that.

Site Update04/11/16

So you might have noticed that the website looks different, and believe it or not, I've noticed that too.

In all seriousness, I decided to completely redesign my website's appearance so that it no longer resembles the template I chose way back when, and instead base it on what I use in my YouTube videos (which in turn is derived from the design for certain elements of my Vortex Lifebars). I personally think it looks significantly better, and I hope you do as well :)

Pixel Storm15/02/16

An idea I've had in the back of my mind for a good while now that's finally come to fruition. Despite the aesthetics and BGM choice, it's actually not inspired by UNDERTALE at all - in fact, the concept predates my knowledge of UNDERTALE's existence :P

Pixel Storm can be found under the Stages section.

Yee Updated!11/04/15

Apologies to those who really wanted Rotom, but to make it up to you, I updated Yee with DifficultYee levels and WinMUGEN compatibilitYee!

Go grab him from the Characters section!

Rotom Revamped!01/04/15

Yeah, that's right! Rotom's been completely remade from the ground up, complete with SIX BUTTONS, BIGGER SPRITES and REDESIGNED PROJECTILE MECHANICS.

Ignore the ominous date, this is totes legit! Get the BRAND NEW Rotom from the Characters section!

Vortex Lifebars16/04/14

I noticed that lifebars these days all seem to be for M.U.G.E.N 1.1 because of the unlimited colours and alpha transparency the version grants. Another thing is that they're not for 640x480 resolution; a resolution used more commonly than you think. So what did I do? Create my own lifebars of course!

  • 640x480 resolution
  • Compatible with all versions of M.U.G.E.N post (and including) WinMUGEN
  • Completely original

So yeah, you can grab these lifebars in the Misc. section of this site.

Minor Update20/10/13

A common request I kept getting was "Can you make Rotom WinMUGEN compatible?", or something similar, so to keep you old fogeys happy, I updated Rotom with a separate .def file entitled "RotomWIN.def". All it really does is remove the winquotes :P

A few other, very minor things have been changed/added, all of which are noted in the Changelog.

I'm sure you know where my characters are by now :P

Rotom's Final FINAL Update!23/01/13

No new moves to get all giddy about, but plenty of balance and gameplay fixes/changes! Yes, it appears Rotom just wasn't as complete as we all hoped he was, with a lack of damage dampening and a fixed cornerpush system ('cause M.U.G.E.N's is actually rather stupid, applying knockback as soon as the attack makes contact, rather than when the hitstun is over), he just wasn't as polished a character as he could've been...

...but he is now!

Go get yourself something nice :)

Rotom's Update is Finally Here!18/12/12

Yes, nearly a WHOLE YEAR after his initial release, the ol' ball of Plasma has finally been updated! In this update, you can expect to see quite a few changes, but the one that stands out the most (for me, at least) is the inclusion of the long-awaited fan forme!

This giant update marks the 100% completion of the Rotom character (not counting intro poses against characters I may or may not make in the future).

What are you waiting for?! Get him now!

What, Another Stage?!19/05/12

Oh yes! I have released another stage for M.U.G.E.N (which brings my stage amount to a whopping total of 2). It is the Pyromaniacs Stage from the stick-figure fighting game, Electric Man 2. The stage (as you'd probably already guessed) is where you fight the hot-headed (pun intended) Pyromaniacs. This stage is high-res unlike the Vim Factory and comes with the same music that plays in Electric Man 2 (looped segment of Rhapsody - Flames of Revenge).

As be expected, this stage can be downloaded from the Stages section.

Rotom Gets an Update!13/04/12

After a few months since the release of Rotom, he finally receives a nice little update! Amongst the many things that have been updated, the one that sticks out the most is his long awaited AI programming that should give him that extra 'umph' that should make him more challenging and fun (a full list of changes can be viewed in the Changelog.txt file)! Sadly, he is still not fully completed, with his Fan Forme still not present - don't worry, it'll most definitely be in the next release...I hope. You can download Rotom from the same place as before, which is the good old Characters section :)

Thanks, and have fun!

Rotom is Finally Here!31/12/11

Yes, after almost a year, Rotom has finally been released! As stated in the previous section, Rotom is currently in beta with the aspects missing to be (hopefully) added in future versions. Look in the Characters section for the download link.

Vim Factory Now on SkyDrive31/12/11

Due to unfortunate problems, the Vim Factory will no longer be available on 4Shared; all creations will be downloadable from my SkyDrive.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Rotom Updates22/12/11

Rotom is scheduled for release (hopefully) sometime around Christmas, although this will not include all the features that I hope to be in the 'final' version. Some 'notable' features missing:

  • No Fan Forme :(
  • No AI as I need some time to fix all the bugs in it, one of which being that it spams Shadow/Electro Ball.
  • Rotom's cookie :P

Stay tuned!